Goss Wins on the Venge at Milan San Remo

Goss and the McLaren Venge

We chased the race all day with little to show for it. We reached San Remo about 45 minutes ahead of the race, and after a little pleading accompanied by an iphone review of the week's McLaren images, I had a photo vest.

Then Matt Goss delivered the mail, beating Cancellara in the process. Fabian had been unusually serious back in Milan and it was no surprise that he was there at the end. Goss made a late-inning choice to ride the new S-Works McLaren when Mark Renshaw decided he hadn't enough time on his to choose it over his Tarmac. What a momentous choice that was, which isn't to say Matt's legs didn't do most of the work... it was just that the new bike saved a little bit of his power for when it mattered most.

I positioned myself well back of the photographic pack as they prepared for the obligatory victory salute. Instead I wanted to get the winner when the bike stopped moving. In Matt's case when the bike stopped, he got off and sat on the ground, surrounded immediately by microphones before the first cameras (including mine) arrived. He looked shattered and somewhat incredulous at this achievement. When he stood and walked back towards the finish he looked somewhere else, perhaps replaying in slow motion the ferocious charge that got him there first. Great embrace between Matt and Erik Zabel.

Goss and the McLaren Venge Goss and the McLaren Venge Goss and the McLaren Venge Goss and the McLaren Venge

How in the hell did you manage to script that I thought to myself. We're finishing a week of shooting for the new bike and it wins first time out the paddock. Wow.

Many thanks to the Milan San Remo organizers for being so generous with the last-minute accreditation. I waited for fifteen minutes to thank each of the three people who helped me during the day. I even got a hug from one of them for the McLaren win. OK wish I could write more but it's going on 4:30 am and I'm shooting a ride in four hours. Many more images of MSR to share when I get home.

Goss and the McLaren Venge Goss and the McLaren Venge

22 Responses to Goss Wins on the Venge at Milan San Remo

  1. Todd says:

    Your cycling photos are honestly the best I have ever seen. I have a lot of respect for guys like Graham Watson and Tim Kolln who have been out shooting races and riders for years, but you could show them a thing or two about how to really capture the drama of cycling. These are some amazing images.

    • Todd,

      I totally respect those two photographers too, so humbly I’ll say thanks. Race photography is tough, don’t know what I’d do with a moto opportunity but I’m game to try it once.


    • Hey Todd… I’m blushing or gushing. I love shooting these races and wish I could be everywhere at once. Amazing how much my own cycling helps the photography when trying to anticipate the nuances of line and position (but certainly not speed). I feel like I’m getting better every time out.

  2. SQUADRA says:

    couldnt agree more with Todd’s comment.
    Briliant photography, much rather view emotive honest pictures, than contrived pretentious graham watson ‘ooh sunflower/peloton rubbish’.

  3. I wish I had been here to hear your pleading for a “vest”, Michael, must have been quite a speech, the Italians of course like a bit of emotion, and I’m sure you poured it on to get the end image for the story. Well done.


    • Douglas… You’d have recognized the patter having done it yourself so often. The universal sign of prayer plus the impromptu slide show seemed to do the trick. Next year… proper credential request months in advance.

  4. Derel says:

    Best shots I’ve seen of Goss at MSR. Nice work!

    • thanks Derel. The race was a blast, and the win on the new bike just icing on the cake for a week of chasing it around Europe in preparation for the debut.


  5. Paul G. says:

    Absolutely the best photos!!!! You have an amazing ability to capture ‘THE’ moment. The quality of the photos are the highest level, looking forward to seeing more of the MSR!!!

    • thanks Paul, given my limited access to the race I try to make the most of my three or four opportunities to capture the experience. We had great light for MSR.


  6. Erick says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great shots once again. So glad we had you out for the launch and the race. You capture things in such a cool perspective. Bring on Roubaix!!


  7. Jon Moss says:

    Hi Michael,

    Superb photos my friend! Love them all :-) Look forward to hearing all about this trip of a lifetime!

    Best wishes,


  8. BR says:

    Friggin killing ME! I pulled weeds and cleaned the fridge intake yesterday. Thought of you whole time – what a week.

    • I wish all you guys could come along on one of these adventures. Something to think about for the future chasing one of these races the way we did.


  9. kurt says:

    Great shots. I am very happy for you and you deserve all the praise you are receiving. We are looking forward to more of your work.
    Don’t forget to ride….the enigma awaits.

    Ride on

    • Thanks Kurt,

      I can see that iet lag and staying up all night in hotel lobbies to transmit photos are going to be my formidable adversaries. I’m heading back to shoot some stuff around Paris Roubaix in less than two weeks.

      this is exciting.


  10. BR says:

    Just noticed the PowerBalance on the Zabel pic #2.

  11. BR says:

    The memo was wrong.

    • Oh, come on you’re still not wearing that superstitious bit of rubber are you. It’s nonsense… or should I say nonscience. It belongs in the same pile of junk as pyramid power, copper bracelets and the Popeil pocket fisherman.

      I use it to bundle batteries.

  12. BR says:

    Dude…follow the light…repeat after me….I LIKE THE ITEM I LIKE THE ITEM….

    Seriously – yes I wear it and I feel more crisp and focused vs when I don’t have it on. Lot’s of people try them and don’t notice a change. I can. Did you try the one I gave to you? I have given maybe? 5 away and two people thanked me and the others felt nothing. You are number 5.

    Number 5….have you accepted your invitation to the hologram experience? :-)

    Not familiar with the Pocket Fisherman….but I have mastered pocket pool.

  13. it’s all in your head buddy… which is OK by me