Italian Style Meets ‘PRO’

Italian style meets PRO How about this for a police officer

There's nothing plain about this policeman's clothes


Linus and a Girl

the barriers

Fans line the barriers at the start


Regulation footwear for female photographers

Cancellara signs for Japan

Cancellara signs in for Japan

Cancellara all Business

Normally smiling, Cancellara was all business... you knew he would be there at the end

Thor Hushovd world champion glasses

Thor's championship stripes

Matteo Tossatto

Matteo Tossatto (going by 'TOSO' on the helmet)

Flying Race Director

6:50:56 The Race Director's car flies into the finish just ahead of the last motorbikes and charging riders

10 Responses to Italian Style Meets ‘PRO’

  1. Stephen Bartnikowski says:

    Wow – these are some really great shots. Chapeau!

  2. Paolo says:

    Beautiful photos, showing the moment and the character of the people. The plain-clothes policeman looks like Cancellara’s dad. Toso means boy in the dialect of the region.
    Bravo! You should have an exhibition.

  3. Eric says:

    Beautiful as always. WIsh it was your full time job to follow the tour.

  4. Sean O'Brien says:

    Beautiful. Insightful.

    I’ll just make sure to hide the “Regulation footwear for female photographers” caption from my wife and my female photographer friends.

  5. Todd says:

    I love Fabian’s IWC watches. The Swiss Time Machine wears Swiss time machines. I imagine those Aquatimers are a little less than aero, though.

    • Thanks Todd,

      Wondered what that nice looking watch was. Head-to-toe Fabian has PRO style dialed. Off to check out IWC.


      • Todd says:

        They make some of the most beautiful timepieces in the world. Classier than Rolex, if you ask me.

        They happen to be one of Spartacus’ personal sponsors.

  6. The Italians certainy do have some great style, from food to clothes and even the cops look pretty cool in a saddlestitched jacket. I don’t think that lady photographers will be annoyed at your comment, just amazed at the heels in the press pack scrums.
    Great shots from your quick tour of Europe, captures the feel of the moment well as ever.
    Following our chat about cyclists I’ve been treating them well on the narrow roads of Scotland. Cyclists and motor cyclists abound as the season changes to Spring.


  7. Hi Douglas,

    that makes me really happy you’re looking out for cyclists. A few months of that, some friendly waves, a chat or two will have you asking me what kind of floor pump and spare tubes you should carry in the car.

    First time you pull up to some guys fixing a flat and ask “could you use a floor pump” will have you and them grinning ear to ear.

    that’s my master plan ;-)


  8. Mark Rushton says:

    It’s a ltd edition IWC Aquatimer (maybe a Galapagos model). I think he is an endorser of IWC