Amgen ToC – The Stage That Never Was

This one sums it all up I think Postcard pretty at times but it didn't last Postcard pretty at times but it didn't last How cold was it you ask

How Cold Was It Out There

When bears come out of the woods to warm their paws by the fire you know it's bloody cold. Actually, the corkscrew ramp about seven miles into today's planned route alternated between gusts of heavy, wet snow and isolated pockets of sun. We had quite the party going until the news of the stage cancellation came over the radio shortly after what would have been the delayed 1:15 PM start. I think everyone had been having such a good time (beverages were involved) that they took it in stride. No one second guessed the decision and most started to pack up their paraphernalia and head back to town.

Later, as numerous tweets from riders on the way to Squaw Valley confirmed, it turned out the organizers made precisely the right call. Further up the West side of the lake the road was much worse and it would have been dangerous to attempt the stage. I'm back in South Tahoe for a second night, hoping I can make the drive to wherever tomorrow's stage starts. By Monday evening we'll be down in Sacramento one way or another.

One More


This landscape is for Douglas - you'd like shooting up here

5 Responses to Amgen ToC – The Stage That Never Was

  1. Hey Michael,

    Bummed on the snow conditions cancelling stage 1. Amgen ToC seems cursed with the weather in the last few years even moving to later spring (Maybe it’s their bad karma for manufacturing EPO). Great to see the field of entries and look forward to viewing some great racing. I hope Specialized is paying you well and that you are not working on speculation.



  2. Well these were the last images I expected from you including the landscape for me. It looks like a wonderful place but not for cycling in snow and bad light.
    Now who carries a bear costume on a bike? That’s a lot of bother to have gone to, but the weather change made it all well worth while.


    • So the guy in the bear suit is walking around and I ask him to warm his hands by the fire, BUT I tell him DON’T GET TOO CLOSE … I’m imagining that acrylic suit bursting into flames with me getting a much different picture

  3. BR says:

    A year ago to the day I worked at the Santa Rosa TOC stage and we got 3″ of rain. I am really really ready for some single layer 80 degree rides. Really.