Amgen ToC – Stage 4 – Horner Has His Day

Horner has his Day Atop Sierra with Mt. Hamilton in the distance Chris Horner approaches the Summit Jens got the biggest cheers

Stage 5 tomorrow and I'm on my first moto of the Tour, 135 miles of coverage.

7 Responses to Amgen ToC – Stage 4 – Horner Has His Day

  1. Stephen Bartnikowski says:

    So you’re going to be one of those guys on the back of the SRAM bike? Good luck!

  2. kurt says:

    I hear the back of those bikes are a scary place to be… especially in the cols… or should I say gaps?

  3. BR says:

    Dumb & Dumber, mini bike ride to Aspen comes to mind.

  4. Todd says:

    Nice shot of Slate getting a shot of Chris. Very meta-photography! I saw Slate’s images on the Rapha site today and thought of you.

    Hope the moto ride was fantastic!