Amgen ToC – Mr. Horner has his Day

Mr. Horner celebrates

Perhaps it's ironic that this year's ToC finally gave the veteran Mr. Horner his day in the sun... when so much of the race seemed to celebrate the younger end of the peloton. Peter Sagan, Ben Swift, Ben King, Tejay Van Garderen, Matt Goss; all under 25, certainly took their turns at the front. Ben King in particular was approachable and friendly with fans before every stage, I think he's got star potential and the crowds were enthusiastic everywhere he went.

Ben King signs another autograph Last gasp of the break HTC leadout for Goss enters the last lap Dirt or tears Levi was another fan favorite and a good teammate Matt Goss takes the stairs Champagne, Trophy and the red shoes

6 Responses to Amgen ToC – Mr. Horner has his Day

  1. Stephen Bartnikowski says:

    Wondering how Goss didn’t fall down the stairs in his cleats with his bike. I take the elevator!

    • Hi Stephen,

      Matt was just looking for the fastest way down to street level and a chance to get back on his bike. It pains the PROs to have to walk anywhere.

  2. Jon Moss says:

    Super photos Michael :)

  3. Nice pictures Michael :)