If Showers Pass on Islay, Global Warming is Nigh

Why not send your rain wear to Islay for testing

Imagine opening your door on the way to the bike shed for the company Colnago and being assaulted by the tag team of Spindrift & Gale (which might be a great name for a law firm specializing in soaking its clients). Such is the lot of my pal Brian Palmer of washingmachinepost fame. In truth it may not rain as much on Islay as he'd like because Brian has turned climatic adversity into foul-weather opportunity by making Islay the ultimate proving ground for waterproof cycling kit. In the process he's become the cycling equivalent of the Stig.

In the latest installment Islay's intrepid reporter puts the Showers Pass Elite 2.0 jacket through its paces, and of course because he wants it to pour, the rain frustratingly stops. This is the kind of meteorological event that validates all the global warming predictions from Al Gore. If you remember your science, the Millar Cycle, sees cycling kit of every description (preferably lightweight and infused with carbon) rise into the upper atmosphere to be carried by the jet stream straight to Islay, where in one of nature's most remarkable phenomena it's deposited directly into Brian's shed. Does David Attenborough know about this?

I completely agree with Brian's assessment of the Shower's Pass Jacket and I'm excited to hear that its now available in black (picture please SP). I don't know if I'd buy a second one since it never rains in California, at least not between April and November. Almost makes me want to move to Islay and join a cycling club.

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