Brutally Smooth Specialized Ad

Specialized Roubaix ad based on VeloDramatic image

VeloDramatic Image from this Spring's Paris Roubaix week is running in a Specialized ad in Road, VeloNews and other publications this month. Click for a larger view.

12 Responses to Brutally Smooth Specialized Ad

  1. BR says:

    That’s great news! Have a fun and productive trip.

  2. Jon Moss says:

    Well done Michael! Seen this over here in many magazines :-)

  3. kurt says:

    Nice Job!

    • Thanks guys, we’re not quite back to the old salary but headed in the right direction… anyway I’m sure enjoying myself a lot more.

  4. Tack sharp in this fine shallow focus image, love to see it in a magazine or huge poster art work.
    Congratulations Michael.

  5. Jolmer says:

    Very cool pic Michael! And great publicity. Did we tell you we are doing a tiny version of the TfK this year. Only 3 days and 2 official stages. Pretty tough ones though. Pinerolo – Galibier and Modane Alpe d’huez. If you are around you can join us for the oversized pasta plates for good old times sake!

  6. erick says:

    Pleasure working with you on this as always Michael. One of many great shots from this trip

    • Thanks Erick,

      I still get a big kick every time the assignments show up in print… some how it’s only real when it’s printed. Hoping to bring back some keepers from Switzerland.


  7. Dan Williams says:

    Looks great (even cropped) in ProCycling here in the UK. Nice shot fella.