Specialized Ride to Vegas Day 1

The 2011 Edition of Specialized's Ride to Vegas (and interbike) explores a new route from Salt Lake City. Day one saw the riders tackle a 110-mile stage over the scenic Mt. Nebo loop before a sketchy gravelled descent into Nephi Utah. The climb is beautiful and probably never gets steeper than 8 or 9% but it goes on for a grueling 20 miles. The group certainly earned their Western Spirit dinner today.

Thanks go out to Brian at the post and Franco for giving me good-natured encouragement to get some long overdue content on the site. If the schedule holds for the next five days and I have a reliable web connection I'll keep the dailies coming.

2 Responses to Specialized Ride to Vegas Day 1

  1. kurt says:

    Nice to see a new post. Enjoy the journey and the show. looking forwarded to the dailies.

  2. Good to see you posting Michael, I need my weekly fix of action images of cycling to keep me getting out and keeping fit. On foot I hasten to add.

    The Light on the West coast of America is slightly better than on the West coast of Scotland at the moment. We expect the tailend of hurricane Katrina overnight. Asuper tail wind for anybody cycling.