Specialized Ride to Vegas Day 2

Good times Kim takes the sprint points from Nic

The group was in good spirits today. Traffic was light through the first half of the stage leaving plenty of time for Nic and Kim to sprint for a time bonus (Kim got him). To keep the average speed up friends like Rebecca Rusch were happy to provide a little push when needed.

Grassland and low rolling terrain helping hand

When it was all over, Specialized's Chris D'Alusio spent 45 minutes fixing a Di2 wiring problem on his bike... then jumped at the suggestion to shake it out by riding up into the hills. Let's just say that "road" is a state of mind... 2,000 feet of climbing on steep, rutted, rock strewn dirt took us both by surprise. Chris because he was climbing it on a road bike and me because the rental minivan I'm driving doesn't have ATV handling. Two flats and a slashed rear tire finally put an end to the adventure, but it was amazing to watch how much punishment a road bike can take. Back at the hotel I had to rinse away a ton of red dust with the consistency of talcum powder to make the vehicle safe for photography again. Twenty minutes after the descent the front brakes produced billows of steam when hit by the hose. Google mountain road to Fish Lake for a look at the crazy ski hill out of Richfield.

road is a state of mind road is a state of mind road is a state of mind helping hand

5 Responses to Specialized Ride to Vegas Day 2

  1. Jon Moss says:

    Great photos Michael – good to see lots of Prevail helmets. I’ve just got one and am very impressed. Super comfy and the straps are a huge improvement on the S-Works.

  2. Dan H says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great to see another Ride to Vegas and daily posts being back on Velodramatic. Fantastic as always!



  3. April says:

    Love the photos. Love following the ride to Vegas! Thank you!

  4. Franco says:

    outstanding! thank you.

  5. Nice to see the guys ginning and grimacing for your camera Michael. That’s no act further down on the gravel road. Glad to hear the flats and rip was on the cycle and not the car. An awful lot easier to fix the cycle tyres than the cars.
    Nice to hear your folowing my tradition of driving up any kind of dirt road and keeping your fingers crossed. Do you recall the one at the top of Glen Afric back in 20&when in the Korean Rocket?