Specialized Ride to Vegas

three riders on the Specialized Ride to Vegas

Glenn, Shane and Chris pushing it on the front | © VeloDramatic

Utah is actually green (my first visit) and they've built some amazing bike paths that even our hard-core group doesn't mind riding on the way from Richfield to Panguitch. Meandering alongside the river through a steep canyon, the Candy Mountain express bike trail was one of several highlights of the day. After our arrival in Panguitch, Chris, Dan and John decided that the 80 miles wasn't enough so they rode the twenty five miles up to Bryce canyon. Chris of course rode all the way back for a nice 50-mile add to his day's mileage. He joined Rebecca and Greg Martin who'd been shuttled up to the top for some sightseeing before the descent through Red Rock canyon and a brief rain shower.

The day ended with me going way off road in search of a beautiful sunset. Tomorrow (today as I write this) is going to be a big day and the weather may not cooperate. We had some thunder and rain around 4 am.

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9 Responses to Specialized Ride to Vegas

  1. Love the scenics of course MIchael, nice touch of rainbow in theshots of the riders above here, and that sky threatens big time rain around the corner. Nice shot withth armco hiding the riders except for the wheels and the crash hemets.


  2. kurt says:

    Awsesome and inspiring. Storm clouds brew while a two wheel prossesion rides on. Western lanscape spans the viewfinder. The ground eye view of the climbing peleton looks like the riders are clawing themselves out of a hole. From the caldron, attacks are launched.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ride on

  3. Franco says:

    beautiful! Bryce Canyon…one of my all time favorite spots.


  4. Love your work! Great meeting you on the ride! Can’t wait to see the rest of the shots…

  5. Dave Wyman says:

    It’s been more than worth the wait for new photographs. These put me into the ride. Thanks so much.

  6. Jennifer Roberts says:

    WOW! It’s been awhile since I visited your site and your images are absolutely stunning! You’ve become an amazing cycling photographer and I noticed the ‘tab’ is still growing. :-)

    Good for you!