DZNuts – Ouch, actually they’re only kiwis

Dave Zabriskie's Chamois Cream

You've got to love Dave Zabriskie's sense of humor. From the product name to the application instructions on the attractive packaging there's plenty to smile about. On the other hand saddle sores and perineal irritation are no laughing matter. By the time the problem has you squirming on your seat it's too late and you can expect to spend the next week or two putting things right.

Alternatively you can avoid the discomfort and training disruption by following a simple program that includes a liberal application of chamois cream each time you ride. Dave's high-viscosity formulation relies on tea tree oil for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, evodia for anti-inflammatory and wound healing power and masterwort, a herb known to have wound calming efficacy.

In practice dznuts is slightly more viscous that the Assos gold standard, but it's the aromatic, almost medicinal note of tea tree oil and warm, tingling sensation when you first apply it that distinguishes the product from the incumbent. In addition dznuts seems to set up on the skin surface with a waxy sheen while Assos is quickly absorbed. I tested this by applying a small dab of each product to the back of my hands and noting the differences after ten minutes; hardly scientific I admit, but there did appear to be a difference that might reduce friction with dznuts. I've used dznuts for the past month... most recently on the Rapha Coastal Continental ride and have been very comfortable with the results.

dznuts is $22 for 120 mL purchased direct from the online store compared to Assos at $18 for 140 mL, so it's a little more expensive, but since when did cost factor into performance, pampering or posing on the bike. Give it a try and your backside will thank you.

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