The Verve “Forth” Puts the Big Ride to Music

does anybody know where we're really gonnna go. I was wondering if we've got that real soul. You know that thing you cannot trade or ever own. The solitude, the sacred mood, Appalachian Springs, all my things. Took a step to the left, took a step to the right. Saw myself and it wasn't quite right.

There's a moment when you catch a glimpse of yourself and wonder who you are, the enormity of all you've done, when the sum of good and bad don't cancel each other out. Roads taken, and those you've missed. Promises made and broken. The loves, the dreams... close your eyes and see the road coming at you faster and faster and realize it all comes to an end one day.

The Verve –  “ I'm coming home, I feel so young. I don't know where I've gone...
I'm going to keep it together. ”

The Verve are back after a long absence. The new record "Forth" and in particular the closing track Appalachian Springs (lyrics above) are a sonic gut check.

2 Responses to The Verve “Forth” Puts the Big Ride to Music

  1. brian says:

    what team do they ride for?

  2. Judging by the equipment, it’s definitely not a pro team, but they may have upgraded since the reunion. Perhaps they’ll end up riding for the new Cervelo team. Phil, Gerard?