Bicycling Magazine Covers

Cannondale SuperSix Girls motoring on PCH

I shot these covers for Bicycling Magazine back in December as part of a women's feature story which you'll find in the current (March 2012 issue) - The Perfect Ride.

8 Responses to Bicycling Magazine Covers

  1. Todd says:

    Chapeau! I’ll have to pick up a copy!

  2. Veeral says:

    congratulations :-)

  3. Franco says:

    Outstanding. Congratulations!

  4. Tim says:

    Good stuff, Michael. I believe we’re both ridden that section a few times.

    I love the headlines in Bicycling – always amazing new ways to improve core/abs/speed/stamina/climbing – every month. It makes me giddy with its awesomeness.

    BTW: does that say “Carmet, California”?

    • It does say Carmet, CA, which is a real place in the general vicinity of Occidental but it’s definitely not on the coast or near where the photo was taken. Not sure how they pegged that location, the first cover was taken on Bay Hill Rd. The second on a stretch of PCH between Bay Hill Rd and Coleman Valley road.

    • Watch my Cervelo is going up for sale here soon.

  5. Always nice to get the cover story image, everybody like the front page show. Sadly caption errors are something we have to put up with, I hate to think how many times I’ve endured it.
    Where do they hide the picture byline?


  6. Jon Moss says:

    Congratultaions Michael! Speak soon mate :)