Hellyer Velodrome Omnium

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When a tentative assignment for this weekend was cancelled I decided to spend both days photographing track cycling at San Jose's Hellyer Velodrome. Hellyer is about ten minutes from home at the head of the Coyote Creek trail and always a friendly, co-operative venue to shoot at. Saturday had a variety of group races while Sunday focused on individual efforts at various distances. Program Director Michael Hernandez organized a great event in what is Hellyer's 50th Anniversary year and he's an incredibly entertaining track announcer. Several times I was laughing too hard to focus.

Speaking of focus... track cycling has the distinct advantage of giving you lap after lap of action but its challenging to hold focus as riders exit corner banking and accelerate (at least in angular terms) relative to the camera. The tighter you get to the rider the tougher it gets for AF to keep up. Even when my camera arc kept the focus pt square on the rider's visor, the 1D4's AF couldn't do much better than every second shot sharp. I've not yet laid down the money for a 1Dx but I've rented the body several times for indoor low light assignments. I think next time I head to the track I'll pick up one from BorrowLenses and do some head-to-head testing. If I can't do that before Sea Otter, I'll probably take a 1Dx with me and get a baseline there.

I donated the last three Rêve kits remaining from France to the women's prize table. Here's hoping I'll get a nice surprise one day soon and spot a local rider rocking the kit. Hellyer Riders, I'll add an additional gallery below with a little wider selection shortly. If you want a large custom print of any of the images let me know. Michael H has the details.

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  2. Tim Cox says:

    Nice work, Michael! You definitely captured the power and speed of the riders. Hope to see you at Sea Otter – Rupert is racing at several events. /tim

  3. Awesome photos Michael! Thank you for helping us showcase Hellyer Velodrome’s racers! The photos are beautiful. We look forward to seeing you at future Hellyer events in 2013!