Hellyer Racing Saturday

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Yesterday Hellyer's Get Ready for Summer Race Series kicked off and I was happy to spend the afternoon covering the action, snacking on home-made chocolate chip cookies (thanks Lala) and generally enjoying the friendly, track-family atmosphere at the velodrome.

In Other News

I spent most of the week following Sea Otter cleaning gear, editing and catching up on accounting. The dust was formidable and for reasons as yet unknown I had two Lexar 1000x compact flash cards fail, resulting in a couple of dozen corrupted images. This week I'll reach out to Lexar and try to get to the bottom of it. I can't risk putting them back in the camera.

I managed 80 miles on the bike in spite of my lower back's protestations... bringing my six week total to just shy of 500 miles. A section of the San Tomas Creek Trail I've been riding is now closed for the next year as two pedestrian bridges to the new 49er stadium are built. Reading the public impact commentary on the project I was dismayed to discover the bridges will be designed and built at "grade" with the trail... meaning that during events at the stadium the trail will be unrideable. The stadium corporation's response that the inconvenience for a few dates and times is no great hardship for cyclists is typical corporate hedging and all about money. The pedestrian bridges should be attractive structures built to span both the creek AND the bikeway. I don't know why the county isn't insisting on a design that doesn't compromise the trail at all. We'll all remember the "limited impact" argument when the stadium naturally pushes to expand its tenants and usage.

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